About Tegleg Records

About Tegleg Records

In 2003, Dan Cross received funding from Hull Time Based Arts to produce a compilation CD Sponic Mesh featuring local electronic producers and sound artists.

This project was released under the name Tegleg Records. In 2007, Dan formed a collective with fellow Tegleg artists Keith Bianchi and Mick Robinson transforming Tegleg Records.

The ethos behind Tegleg Records is as much influenced by musique concrete pioneer Pierre Schaeffer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop as it is by the IDM stylings of Warp, Planet Mu and Skam Records.

Tegleg Records promotes artists / musicians working in electronic / digital music & phonic / sonic art / electro / acid / dubstep / drill n bass / mashup / techno / breakcore / dogstep / experimental / glitchtronica / mentalism / spazmodic simulation.

Contact: tegleg@hotmail.co.uk


Dan Cross

Live Electronic Artist and Producer.

Mick Robinson

Digital Dance Core, Games.

Keith Bianchi

Cosmic Audio, Games and Artist.